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The online system makes it easier and quicker then ever to obtain a Federal Tax ID Number online. In addition, there is absolutely zero paperwork to complete, and nothing to mail.

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D&B (DUNS) Number

Requested on applications for business credit [ or net term ], being established with a Dun & Bradstreet Number is essential for all businesses.

Having a DUNS number informs organizations, vendors, financial institutions your business is registered with accurate information.

9 out of 10 business owners with DUNS numbers stated their companies ability to establish credit without a personal guarantee was quicker and, in most cases, the lines of credit were unsecured in less than 6 months.

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 Operator Assistance

If for any reason you have difficulty with the online Federal Tax Identification Number application form, for whatever reason, you have access to 24 hour operator assistance, every day of the year, at no extra charge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tax ID Online Frequently Asked Questions

Employer Identification Number (EIN), also known as a Federal Tax Identification Number is a nine-digit number assigned to businesses by the United States Government.

The EIN is used  to identify taxpayers obligated to file various business tax returns. A Federal Tax Identification Number is used in many ways- for example- employers, sole proprietors, corporations, partnerships, non-profit organizations, trusts and estates, government agencies, certain individuals, and other types of business entities.

General Federal Tax Identification Number Application Questions

Application Process
Payment Questions
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Dun & Bradstreet D&B (DUNS) Number Questions

D&B Number
Advantages & Benefits of a D&B Number
Optional Service [ DUNS not required ]

  General Questions

What are the steps involved in obtaining a Federal Tax Identification Number online?
  Basic Company Information:
  Company Name
  Mailing Address
  Provide payment information securely online with credit card.
  You will receive an e-mail within fifteen to thirty minutes after payment is confirmed
  Open the email, click the web link, and log in with the provided user name and password.
  Follow the confirmation process, and retrieve your active Federal Tax Id Number.
  Download the Certified Letter containing your Federal Tax Id Number
  United States Government Seal & active Federal Tax Id Number are printed on the letter.

Can I make payment with a personal credit card?
  The payment information address and person on the credit card is not linked to any information on the online Federal Tax ID Application. Please note you may use a personal credit card.
  The credit card billing address must be entered correctly when completing payment. This address is used only for credit card billing verification.
  This address is independent and has no bearing or relation to the address of the company or the EIN application

How long does the process usually take?
  Most individuals receive their IRS Tax ID within ten minutes from the time they begin the process.
  The process takes place over the internet without any faxing, phone calls or mailing involved.
  There will be no time delays to begin the process and most importantly, no waiting.

How can I expect to receive my receipt as proof of purchase? 
  An electronic receipt is sent to your e-mail address.

Are there any additional fees or charges?
  All fees are included.
 You will receive personalized log in information via e-mail and may use this service in the future as often as needed without paying any additional fees.
 Your registration through the online system will never expire and no other fees will ever be due.

What if I have difficulty in obtaining a Federal Tax ID Number using the online system?
  If you have any difficulties, live phone operators are always available to assist you.

How will my e-mail address be used?
The e-mail address you provide will only be used to send the electronic receipt as proof of purchase for your records.
The e-mail address will not be saved or sold to any third parties.

  Dun & Bradstreet (D&B DUNS)

What is the D&B Dun & Bradstreet (DUNS) Number?
  A Dun & Bradstreet Number, or D&B Number, is used to determine business credit worthiness.
  The Data Universal Numbering System, abbreviated as DUNS or D-U-N-S is a system developed and regulated by Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) which assigns a unique numeric identifier to a single business entity.
  This numeric identifier is then referred to as a DUNS number.
  It has gained wide acceptance globally and is a common standard.

What are the benefits of a D&B (DUNS) number ?
  Properly obtaining a DUNS number through will ensure your companies information is accurate with the business credit reporting agency. Virtually all business credit applications request or require a DUNS number.

Do I have to obtain a D&B (DUNS) Number?
  This is an optional service and, while highly recommended, it is not required.
You are not obligated to obtain a D&B number.

Is there a fee for the (DUNS) Number?
  Whether you elect to receive a D&B (DUNS) Number or you choose not to, no additional fees or charges exist.

May I elect to receive a D&B (DUNS) Number at a later time?
  You may also complete the application at a later time simply by logging into the online system here with the information contained in your e-mail receipt.

If you have any difficulties, live phone operators are always available to assist you.


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